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Oh my God, I did read your moped story and it is scaring me, I know how terribly they ride in Italy, when Dad wanted to rent one there I said absolutely not I know I wouldn't have returned with a husband. So my advice to you is walk, take a tuk tuk, elephant or just use one on the empty country roads if that's possible. Now I will have to say double night prayers. Like I told you in the previous email, I need you home to be on my side in this Bush glory that Dad and J are in. Love you I will pray for your safety but don't count on my prayers to keep you safe. Love again Your Mother


man, all that praying and yet you weren't part of the 'moral majority' that voted for Bush...maybe you should be praying for Dad and Jay instead :)


I am praying too for all the lost souls (Democrats) and hoping that we can all get along.

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