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your Godmother

Hi Adam. Love the pictures! How much DOES it
cost to ship a camel to Stickney? Christmas
is coming up :) If a camel is too costly
I'll take a rock or pebble from near the
Taj.(seriously)Have a happy Thanksgiving
Love ya. Your Godmother XOXO


turns out it's better to ship a camel by sea instead of air...but rumor has it that most camels are even slower swimmers than me. so keep your eyes peeled sometime around xmas time...of '05 :)

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    Well, the RTW trip is finished, but I think I'm gonna keep the site up for a while and use it as a place to report on some travels stateside. Hopefully I'll have a few good adventures sooner than later. Until then, the site's going to be displayed in chronological order (as opposed to the blog standard reverse-chrono). Enjoy!