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Been awhile I know! But holy crap... I can't believe you made it to Dwalli (yeah, I'm not going to bother to look up the spelling... you know what I mean). I figured you might make it since the timing was reasonable, but wow! I'm not so sure you could be there under crazier circumstances! Especially for a first visit! And you basically just walked off of a plane into the fray? Amazing.

I wish I had made it out there with you. But the Eastern Europe trip and my upcoming move to Tokyo aren't so bad. Living in Detroit and hoarding a few pennies isn't great, but it isn't terrible either. Anyway, good luck!


Don't sweat the one else (anywhere) does.

Ever since I arrived in Taiwan the need for things to be spelled correctly has been non-existent. City names are spelled a ton of different ways within the city itself, street names are hardly ever the same as they are on a map (if they even have street signs) and there's always the usual mix of crazy Engrish translations.


Can you confirm that the Taj Mahal is next to a garbage dump? I heard that rumor and have wondered if it is true.


Well, Agra (the town that the Taj is in) isn't too clean...but I wouldn't call it a garbadge dump :) And as for the surrounding area...there's a river behind the Taj with sorta open fields.

The thing is, there are many open garbage dumping areas throughout India so I'm sure you could find one close enough. There have been a few times on the trip when I've been looking to dispose of a bottle/etc...and I'll ask where the nearest garbage can is and instead i'll be pointed to a heap in the street somewhere.

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