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Ha Ha!! I'll get to work on that new bobblehead right away. Not now though, I've been up all night mirroring Jonathans Colorado site ( I had to learn how to work Perl's webcrawling modules.

Dude!! I didn't know you shaved your head. Were you looking to avoid the full-body cavity head lice screenings?



Son, nice haircut just don't go bald like Dad just yet.


yeah, something like that :)

basically it was in preparation for India...just wanted to take 'traveling light' to the next level.


That's awesome. I never considered shaving my head to lighten the load, but it all makes sense. I guess I'm not the deft globetrotter everyone thinks I am. Of course, the last time I shaved my head my girlfriend --at the time-- broke up with me. But, you know what I did to save weight on my trips through Europe and Central America? I didn't bring a change of underwear :) and hired a porter.

YES I'm kidding! Don't be silly, of course I didn't hire a porter.

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    Well, the RTW trip is finished, but I think I'm gonna keep the site up for a while and use it as a place to report on some travels stateside. Hopefully I'll have a few good adventures sooner than later. Until then, the site's going to be displayed in chronological order (as opposed to the blog standard reverse-chrono). Enjoy!