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I dunno...




You know I can block certain people from leaving comments in the future right?

Thereby cutting in half the number of (semi)regular posters to this yeah, proceed to Phuk-wit-et.

Can I getta Phi Phi...


Adam -
I'm glad you're doing well. I will write more soon, but wanted to let you know that my friend Garrett lived in Cambodia for a year and may have some decent suggestions.

I guess you made a good choice leaving the Cubs jersey at home. :)


My dear friend lil' Jen has just come back from the Punjab so in addition to Sree's words of wisdom I'll have more to offer in terms of up-to-the-minute suggestions when you're further down the line. For now, South East Asia remains among my projected future adventures and although I've heard a lot of great stories and picked out a route of my own, I don't know much about it that would be as relevant as the word on the street.

Nevertheless I've got it on good authority that elephant trekking near Chang Mai (Thailand's Northern center and second city) is supposed to be the business (as in: good times). The region and its Hill Tribes are of great interest as well in an indigenous people kind of way... its supposedly like visiting (ultra-expensive and all-around visa problematic) Myanmar without all the work and expense involved; a totally different feel than the Thailand you've experienced so far, or so I'm told.

From Chang Rai (a little North of Chang Mai) you can then hop onto the Mekong river with a dirt cheap boat and guide, raft down to Luang Prabang (also "The Biz"), cultural hub of Laos; head South to Vientiane (the capital); continue through Eastern Thailand, stopping at Prasat Hin Khao Phanom Rung, a match for Angkor I've heard and utterly devoid of tourists (it's near the border and not easy to reach); before striding on into Cambodia as planned.

So there a few ideas for ya...

This I do know however, be careful to avoid unlicensed taxis while you're in Bangkok. They are altogether dodgey (most dangerous for women) and tend to drop you off at brothels whether or not that's where you're headed. Most of them are in league with certain parties in the sex industry and get a cut for leading foreigners to those untoward locales. You'll know them by their black and white license plates.

For more tips and tricks or more on shady dealings in Bangkok and elsewhere check out and their Thorn Tree Forums if you didn't know about them already.

On the other hand, if you're getting sick of the balmy beachy lifestyle and you're looking for a little trouble, visit the Western border town of Mae Sot on your way North for an eye opener on the international arms trade. Just don't Phuket around with the fiesty rebels.

Take care, be well! Don't get dead.

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