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Looks you just picked up two ultra-thoughful gifts for your girlfriends back home.

Ha HA HA ha!(1 - count'em) ! - 2 ! - 3

Speaking to your books post: check out either "Cloud Atlas" (brand new hardcover) "number9dream," or "Ghostwritten" by David Mitchell if you feel like a book in English that's worth your dough and fairly readily available (intrepid Brits everywhere are touting Mitchell these days). The matryushka-like structure of his novels makes each book a sort of 6-in one deal. Writing styles (everything from flowery Victorian prose to an entirely invented "slanguage" after Burgess') characters and plots of the interleaved stories vary tremendously but still link back to a sort of main idea for each novel.

To assuage any fears, its not the overly PoMo decon-sploded post-apocalyptic mess you might expect.... suffice to say, Mitchell is more like a core sample of a random stack of interesting fiction, and as you read widely, you should enjoy him.

Peace house (my latest outro),



Seriously, I'm checking all my tags from now on. I can't imagine I have too much from Thailand but I say, as fellow American consumers, "We must unite!!"

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