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Good luck with that. There's GOT to be some webcast of the game somewhere, I mean come on, this is more intense than the World Series itself.


no luck finding a bar yet...but I've heard there's a chance of a re-brodcast later in the day...and for a change, it should be amazingly easy for me to avoid hearing about the outcome beforehand :)

(insert 5 mins for me doing a little googling on MLB webcasts)

Sweet!!! A whole baseball game in 18 minutes. Had to drop about 800 baht to sign up (ok, i paid in USD) but so far, so good...complete with sound and everything! (connection's only mildly shaky).

note: i just found out that "This blog does not allow HTML comments." Well it should dammit! Who's running the show here?!

update: video is more than mildly shaky...borderline unwatchable...i can download the whole game, but 600MB isn't too friendly of a download size (hint to the MLB web guys...if you don't have a fast enough connection to watch streamed video do you think you'll have a fast enough connection to download a 600MB file? Couldn't you just offer the condensed version as a download??) Might have to settle for the WEEI broadcast:

11 hrs and counting till game 7!!!

note to myself (if not self, please ignore) weak effort searching for a bar. stupid internet (and credit card payments) for making things too easy. could have found a cool place/cool people if I had put in a little more effort. next time?


When a single ballgame can keep me, (ME!!!) riveted for 5+ hours you know there's magic in the air. Anxious as I was to leave Jason, Matt and their all day long sports vigils behind, I find myself drawn back night after night to watch the Sox/Yankees series.

At first it was morbid curiosity I admit (among the most pernicious and recurrent characteristics of under-employment), but the series quickly became an addiction and now that the initiative has shifted, I'm the one making calls and organizing trips to the bar based precariously upon my one thin year of Boston living followed by some previously vague sense of "oh, wouldn't another W for the Bean would be nice" fandom. My great fear is that, should Boston win and I feel overjoyed; the gods of sports justice would have no choice but to smite me down for prior transgressions (e.g. piggybacking on the Pat’s win as an excuse to riot with BC kids) and other such bouts of brief and largely fair-weather fandom; so that the righteous leaping hearts of the 10,000 Bostonian octogenarians (who most certainly WILL perish following a game 7 win) shall not beat their last ecstatic moments in a revelry besmirched by the temporary loyalty of this baseball adverse Detroiter. My fate aside, let us all, in our prayers and superstitious incantations tonight, remember the brave souls at Shriner’s, Tuft’s, Beth Israel and Mass General who are even now girding themselves for the inevitable onslaught.


I feel a horrible crushing weight of guilt for having deprived you of bonding with Thai Sox fans. Allow me to make it up by buying you a pint when you come back state-side.

Just out of curiosity, what is the Thai Sox fan population?


population of Thai-Soxville...2
permanent residents...0
current visitors...2

(if you count the guy next to me, trying to eavesdrop on the internet broadcast)


wow...3 hrs listening to the webcast, 1 hr reading all the post-game news, 15 printed pages to read during lunch...all for only 170 baht (4 bucks) That'd normally buy me, what...half a frapaccino at Starbucks?

post game comments...considering i missed the grand slam due to messing with the webcast, the game wasn't that exciting (not including the Pedro-experiment). Which doesn't mean that it isn't AMAZING, just that it hasn't really sunk in yet...

webcast comments...major headache, but still so nice to have the audio working from the 3rd-4th inning on. the video was non-existent, it started with a frame every 5-10 seconds, then it would freeze completely (taking the audio with it) and then sometimes it would return, sometimes it wouldn't...made me go slightly mad (as justin can attest to). Audio eventually returned with no video...but by then the game was already over :) Looking forward to watching the highlights when the bandwidth won't be so taxed.

one last question...I'm afraid to ask it, but I have the curse over? i thought it was on them winning the world series, not just beating the Yankees...right? So although the Russians are beaten, then still have to get past Finland...

update: results from Sports Nation regarding the 'curse' question, etc:

1) Has the Curse been lifted?
65.5% No, it's not over until they win the World Series
34.5% Yes, the Sox beat the Yankees in the postseason

2) What is the greatest collapse in sports history?
79.2% Yankees, 2004 ALCS
4.9% Red Sox, 1978 AL East
4.8% Houston Oilers, 1992 AFC Wild Card
-Sweet reversal.

3) What was the most inspirational postseason performance?
55.9% Curt Schilling, Game 6 of 2004 ALCS (ankle)
20.0% Michael Jordan, Game 5 of 1997 NBA Finals (flu)
9.8% Willis Reed, Game 7 of 1970 NBA Finals (knee)
-I think there should be a three way tie on this one.


A little bit of trivia for you. The red sox player who hit the grand slam was an accountant who quit his job to be a baseball player. Hmmmm


you know what they say, it's never too late for a career just gotta work on hitting the curve ball (and growing a mane of hair).

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