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'Zactly! I came to the same conclusion on my last trip and tried to pass that on. I was glad to see you arrive in Chicago with only a backpack rather than a full-on backpacker's internal frame pack, but I had the suspicion then that you would still find yourself a bit encumbered (still much better off than I was, I hasten to add).

Literally all you need is a shoulderbag full of stuff... 15-20lbs or less. It must be an eerie feeling leaving home with toiletries comprising 30% of what you've packed for a multi-month excursion, but the next time I head out, I'll be carrying next to nothing, as in traveling light - lite!


yeah, it was so...refreshing?...the other day I passed by three girls lugging these HUGE backpacks around, dripping in sweat, awkwardly manuvering around the crowded streets...while I zipped though the crowd with only a small pack strapped to my shoulders. I tried as best I could not to smile (and really, laugh out loud) but seriously...lite is the only way to go. I'm wondering what to do with my medium sized bag left back in bangkok.

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