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That is an awesome entry! I love the pictures that help tell the story. And I can't help but laugh at your Walt Disney World River Adventure. So you were pretty much stuck on the tracks the whole time huh? That sucks. But in defense of [drivers/rafts/river] those rafts look pretty damn stable, their moment of inertia about the lateral axis must be HUGE!

Anyway, with the price of gas heading toward $3 a gallon I may need my bike, but if you promise to have it back before I get a job, I'll ship it to you. Keep the faith.

btw, did you get your piranha vaccine? I hear it's easier to get than a flu shot, bud-ump, HA! Ok, bad joke.

your Godmother

Your trip sounds interesting! I'm jealous--you got to
ride on an elephant!
I can't wait to tell Mike about how slowwww the mail
is there! Unreal.
Where will you be at Christmastime? Wherever you'll be
know you will be in our hearts :)
Love ya.

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  • Back home!
    Well, the RTW trip is finished, but I think I'm gonna keep the site up for a while and use it as a place to report on some travels stateside. Hopefully I'll have a few good adventures sooner than later. Until then, the site's going to be displayed in chronological order (as opposed to the blog standard reverse-chrono). Enjoy!