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Damn foo...

Now you're into it! Congrats on your survival. Incidentally, I've never ridden a moped in a foreign country and not crashed. The first and worst such crash almost reduced my then girlfriend to her immortal soul... which would have meant that we could no longer make out... cause she would have been dead.


And don't give your parents the address to this site either if you value their health.



Too late we have Adam's site. Yes, we pray for him but what a wonderful life. I gave Adam the book "Oh the places you will go" upon his graduation, little did I know the places he would go. GO FOR IT.



Was just in Kenting and got stung by jellyfish, too. Am having a pretty bad reaction and wondering if you know what stung you? I went to a doctor in Taipei but he only gave me three days' worth of stuff and it's been pretty ineffectual.

The jellyfish I spotted were all transparent bubbles that just floated on the surface, with blue, sea urchin-like tentacles that kind of formed a fringe around ithe bottom. If you have any idea what this was, I'd really appreciate an email.

Thanks, Sarah

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