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RECOMMENDED LEAD: In a completely unnecessary effort to secure his status as the #1 Whereami? travelblog poster and win the coveted pat on the back from wandering friend Adam, Karrer dropped a huge message on the site today:

Actually, it isn't even mine (the message that is), but some of Jen's comments echo your techno-woes while her episodes, annecdotes and advice foreshadow the next leg of your journey. Truth be told, I ought to have gone traveling with her and caught you in India but by time I knew you were serious... I was already locked into Euro 2004! Anyway here's a note from the lovely Aussie Jenifa. All travelers are family on the road...

Hello to all,

All apologies again for the group email, but am thinking of each of you individually!

I spent three days in Goa earlier in the week which was relatively disappointing. We got off to an auspicious start by arriving at the wrong train station in Bangalore and then having to leg it to another one....running to catch the train and I slipped and fell backwards onto my backpack which was soooo heavy that I couldn't get up (I looked like a flailing cockroach). Was forced to sit with fellow travelling Australians.They were two drunk and very boring boys and all they talked about was sport and solar eclipses and planes...dozed off wondering whether they represented the

average Australian male and decided that sadly, they probably did.

Arrived in Goa where it was raining (end of monsoon season) and wandered around Old Goa but discovered that most of the churches were under renovation....took the wrong bus to SOuth Goa and ended up at a creepy beach town in the north where I was surrounded by fat dogs and scary men, so we took a bus back to where we started and paid for a taxi to go to Palolem beach...finally there was sunshine but I didn't wear sunscreen so ended up being very burnt (I'm still a little red) and the beach was lovely but very touristy. I don't quite understand why in third world countries the beach is so built up. But lotsa hippy ferals wearing orange pants and heena tattoos of "Om" written in worst fashion nightmare but I don't think I can talk in the state I am in at the moment.

Currently in Mumbai/Bombay which I looove.....if I had to live in India (which thankfully I don't), it would be's such a vibrant and exciting place, good food, kind people....was walking back to the hotel last night slightly lost and an off duty bus driver took us all the way home for free. Was asked to be an extra in a Bolly wood movie today but had to decline as we're leaving this afternoon (Eileen hang out at Leopold's cafe here in the mornings as scouts come around. and take a double decker bus around...good, cheap way to see the whole city) Almost died in a freak storm when the boat we were taking continued to sail into thunder and lightning...the boat started tipping over so all the passengers had to move to the otherside of the ferry....I am dubious about safety regulations in this country.

My camera has unfortunately chosen to die today, so was forced to purchase a diposable which is unfortunate....just in time for Rajasthan! But have come to the realisation this time round that my home and heart will always be in Syds.....very excited to be seeing most of you in a couple of weeks....

Hope everyone is well and happy.



PS Pippa and Katherine hope both of you are having fun on your travels....will email you the coracle pics from Hampi as soon as I get home.

K back...

What I love about this PS is that although unlike you, I know the addressees, the rest is complete gibberish and yet I feel like I MUST someday have "coracle pics from Hampi" of my own. Good luck snapping yours!

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