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Regarding being a successful entrepreneur: Just yesterday I was talking to Dennis about this. Although I think these things are required to make you an honest entrepreneur, I don't think they are necessary to be successful. "A sucker is born every minute." Isn't that what they say? I think all you have to do is package your product and hype your product in such a way that you attract the maximum number of suckers. Then, when that group of suckers runs out, you repackage your product as something else for a different group of suckers. The supply is never ending and is precisely how people make millions upon millions selling useless fitness products on TV. Recipe: Group of desperate people ( cancer patients, obese people, poor) + product resembling something that might help + promiss, with a most sincere face, that said product will work + mass dispersal = a bunch of people who got suckered and a million bucks for you.

So.. wanna go into business? He he he


oh man...while I can't deny all that stuff being at least partially true I'm holding onto hope that it's still possible to create a successful business that people (both the employees and customers) truly care about.

I think there's a lot of positive signs that people are trying to focus on work that matches their passions and I think that can only lead to better products/services/businesses in the future.

but honestly...there'll always be people trying to take advantage of the suckers.


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