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If your generation is going to have any chance at social security Bush letting you do your own investments is the only way (yes risk but also reward). If not, the system will go broke paying for me and you will have nothing. It is always better to keep your money than to give it to the government to handle it for you. You have the best interes for yourself not the government. I do hope this does get changed.


It's a very tiny step in the right direction. As much as Bush disgusts me, Social Security has gone WAY beyond the "safety net" it was intended to be. One way to help would be to stop distributing checks to people who don't need it. People would cry but damn if you have more than $100k in annual retirement income take a hit for your country, SCROOGE! Patriotism is more than hanging a freakin' flag.
How Bush plans to cut the deficit in half in 4 years (another promise I'm sure he'll renege), implement more tax cuts, and partially privatize SS --estimated to cost the government $2 trillion in lost revenue-- is something only Gandalf the White could guess at.

my $0.02

And on a personal note, I'd just like to say that Bush is a putz, he doesn't no shit about shit. And then there's his morality, pffft


glad we all agree (on social security at least :)

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