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josh pugh

Is it wrong that my head has felt like its caving in ever since I saw this a few measly days ago? I feel like there's a loose tooth in my memory and my brain is trying to dislodge it.

josh pugh

oops, that comment was supposed to be for the "namethatflick.xls".....see, this is what that excel file is doing to me...


Josh! What's up man...i apologize for introducing you to the horrible pain/torture/etc that is the excel movie spreadsheet.

I lost a few good hours (ok, days) of my life to the first one, hence I have avoided the second at all costs.

best of luck with getting that crainial loose-tooth out :)

josh pugh

no worries at all...its a good hurt! i just saw on your blog that you have a link to the answers page...i've gotten 60 so far, but the last ones are beating me down harder than dr mendelson ever did....i don't know how long i can resist checking the solutions....email me sometime..are you still in dallas?


How do you find the answers to the Name the Movie game? I've done just about as good as I can!


Sorry, I only have the answers to the 1st one (movies.xls), not sure what the answers to the "name that film" are.

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