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I'm listening.... :)


Wow, ok, I just saw this post, and now feel slightly guilty.
I think they do a pretty decent job over at the www.dailykos.com. The original poster is often the one with the last words in the comments section. And the posts are, I think, mostly intelligent. Now, the antithesis is the Free Republic. And I'm not just saying this because I'm progressive. The neocons over at the Free Republic really do just spew bigotry and self gratifying garbage back and forth.


I think the Daily Kos sets a good example by keeping the original poster involved. Otherwise there's potential for that whole black hole thing.

Oh, and Noah, hope you didn't take any offense to me linking to your site for the audience being stupid.


I'm definitely not a blog guru. I'm sure the 'black hole' comment applies in general.

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