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Our greedy dating guru better get married BEFORE making his $100MM. If you look at the Forbes 400, an annual list of the wealthiest people in the world, you'll notice that only 16 are single. (Incidentally,the three youngest are Mark Cuban, Todd Wagner, and David Filo-- ages 43, 42 and 36, respectively. All three are rich from Yahoo stock and we have met two of them.)


The high achievers and corporate titans nearly all married early and then built their business ---read Grinding It Out (Ray Kroc), Made In America (Sam Walton), or Marriott (JW Marriott). Most started in sales. This guy's an avid reader, so he's probably already seen these, or perhaps my favorite from Dale Carnegie-- "How To Lose Friends and Alienate People".

Sounds like this guy needs to quit mixing lab chemicals and begin interacting with humans. But apparently, he is the man when it comes to the ladies. What woman wouldn't be impressed with his resume? If he wants to get rich, he should charge women for the right to view his picture on-line or for the honor of being able to even talk to him.

Let's check back with him in eight years, when he's 40, and ask him if he is up for a little traveling and enjoyment. Any bets on where he'll be? Hey, I'm single, too-- but I don't feel defensive about it...


funny comment!!

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